We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!
We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!
We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!

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Family Shirts: The Making of Our Kids Series

Like a bolt of creative lightning, my daughter was on a mission to contribute to the Kids Series line of t-shirts.  I had just shared with her my interest in creating some t-shirts that had positive messages and that we could publish on our computer and try to sell.  She wanted in.  Any curious 8 year old would right?  So we discussed our mission.

Hers was to come up with illustrations that were focused on kids, pictures with messages that her classmates would understand.  Solutions from the mind of a child.  After receiving only a few simple guidelines, Kaya came back to me with four wonderful watercolors, one of which is shown above.  Her approach to the project was so authentic, of course it had a quality all its own... but it would be a little bit hard to translate into clean files for t-shirt printing. 

So myself, my wife Mayumi, my daughter Kaya have ventured forth together since then, drawing pictures and uploading and vectorizing ones we think have promise.  It's a part time hobby at this point, but we hope to lay the groundwork for something much bigger, at least in the kid's series in the future.

Part of the joy and mission of this family project is giving.  We give 10% of our profits to nonprofits.  We also save money from the proceeds to fund the development of the Support4Good app.  We're not there yet, but eventually we will build the app that strengthens nonprofits and partner businesses in a win/win synergy.  And in our spare time, we'll work on making shirts you'll be proud to wear.


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