We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!
We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!
We donate 10% of our profit to non-profits!

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The Great Challenge of Concision: Making T-Shirts That Work

Noam Chomsky famously complained of it, concision or brevity in mass communications represents a thorn in the heel of any of us who want to present complicated ideas, especially ideas that do not already enjoy public familiarity or conventional consensus.  T-shirts are a realm where the challenge of expressing a potent idea in a legible area the size of a human chest is the name of the game.

I have to admit, in a free flowing conversation, I easily express my ideas, but on a t-shirt I feel stifled, and sometimes unpleasantly surprised at the impulsiveness of the ephemeral quips I conjure when trying to generate a new t-shirt idea.  It goes a long way to explaining why many t-shirt businesses rely so heavily on public domain quotes from famous people... if you're lucky. Most t-shirt companies chase the thousand iterations of "I LUV PUGS" or some other such vacuous pronouncement.

We don't sling tropes for %content%amp;nbsp; We have principles! (at least we try ; ))

  1. We try to express a truth that supports social and environmental justice and not hide our disgust for those who, at Toni Morrison put it, "can only be tall because someone is on their knees..." 
  2. When we can't speak truth, we speak to the absurdity of words, and seek to trigger the cosmic absurdity in all this.
  3. Kids clothes are for kids!

Concision, brevity, saying something "in a nutshell".. Well, I think it might just become a thing around here.


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